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Chris May , RPh
Chris brings over 35 years of experience in various pharmaceutical settings to Seaside Compounding Pharmacy. He is a specialist in preparing custom medications that are now being used by compounding pharmacists throughout the country,

Chris is a member of the Georgia Pharmaceutical Association, the Professional Compounding Centers of America, the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, Southeast Georgia Pharmacy Association, and GPHA Academy of Independent Pharmacists.

R. Denise Trethaway
Denise brings over 30 years experience as an educator to the marketing and business side of our practice. She is both the bookkeeper and business manager for Seaside Pharmaceutical, Inc..

Pharmacy Technicians
Our Pharmacy Techinicans are chemistry and Pre-Pharmacy Students from the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick, GA who have been trained by our head pharmacist and licensed in the state of Georgia.


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